Memorial Corner


                           Monday          CLOSED
                           Tuesday         3 till Close  Pool League - card tournament
     3 till Close   Pitch (Set Back) card tournament
        3 till Close          
                           Friday             3 till Close
         3 till Close
                           Sunday           2 till 5 pm    

The lounge will typically close by 9pm but may close earlier if there are no customers or later depending on scheduled functions


Come and join us at our fully stocked bar. Enjoy the weekly specials.
In the bar area we have 3 Flat screen HDTV's, seating with tables and chairs a capacity of 35.

HALL RENTALS: Open to the Public with an American Legion Sponsor- $150.00, Kitchen use-$50.00, Security Deposit-$100.00.
The Hall features a fully operating kitchen with double ovens, cook top and griddle, HDTV and Blue Ray / DVD,  Tables and chairs, and a seating capacity of 117.

RECREATION ACTIVITIES:Pool and Pitch Leagues (always looking for new players), enjoy our Horseshoe pits outback.

Bar Taps

Bar from Left

Bar from Door

Pool Room

Hall from Back

Hall from Front

Hall Decorated

Kitchen Oven